Tuesday, November 20, 2012


  A group of more than 50 protestors gathered outside the Atlanta Israeli consulate at 4 p.m. on Tuesday afternoon.
Photo by: Cody Skinner
  Those who gathered in support of Palestine were demonstrating against Israel's continuing bombardment of the Gaza Strip. Israel has been launching targeted airstrikes and bombings on the Gaza Strip in aims to disarm and dismantle the Hamas leadership.
  "Israel has been launching total war against Palestine in a way that undermines the peace process," said Phillip Alaf, an Atlanta organizer for the International Socialist Organization. "We hope that this brings together a network of people who can respond in the future as this crisis unfolds."
  "I'm here because of outrage," said Woodstock restaurant owner Imad Nassereddin. "I'm here to protest the continued bombardment of Gaza."
  "Just like the United States was helped by France in the fight for independence, I think the United States could help the peoples of Israel and Palestine fight their respective extremists and win peace," said Kennesaw State University Assistant Professor Dr. Kenneth White. "The main concern right now, I think, is that the conflict will escalate into more serious violence or spread beyond Gaza."
Photo by Cody Skinner
  "Israel has been responding to the missles shot by Gaza and that is what started the 
Operation Pillar of Defense in the first place," said Life University Student Josh Oppenheim, who was in a bomb shelter in Israel during the interview. "And Israel is targeting only the spots that Hamas is firing rockets from but they hide their silos in residential areas, unfortunately its on purpose
so there civilians get hurt when we retaliate."
  Cease-fire talks have been discussed between the two nations but an agreement has yet to be reached.  In the meantime both the Israeli Defense Forces and the Hamas have continued to fire missiles and rockets. Many fear a ground invasion is imminent.

12:40 EST Nov. 22

  A ceasefire was struck yesterday that went into effect last evening at 9 p.m. in Gaza and Israel.  As of now over 140 Palestinians have dies in the conflict and five Israelis. The ceasefire is being observed, nervously, while discussions become focused on Israel maybe easing it's blockade around Gaza.
  Many international officials attended the talks hosted by Egypt including the Secretary
General of the UN, the US Secretary of State, and Foreign Ministers from Turkey and Germany. However, Egypt's Intelligence Chief is credited with making the most progress while speaking with representatives from Israel, the Hamas, and the Islamic Jihad.


  1. If there is a Gazan border with Egypt why is an incomplete Israeli blockade an issue?

  2. ^^^ Egypt also has a blockade of Gaza, mostly in reference to goods. A significant issue in the blockade is the restriction of goods as well as a restriction of fishing areas in the sea.